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May 3rd- 5th marks the annual Hospitality Design 2017 Expo & Conference in Vegas, and is the perfect venue to experience all that Vegas has to offer – and what has changed over the years.

If four million Americans all decided to stay in their own hotel room on any given night, there would be plenty of room for everyone at US-based hotels. The hospitality industry is a massive one, commanding $550 billion dollars worldwide from travelers in 2016 alone. And the overall expenditures on both sides of the equation are equally staggering.

Hotels spend incredible sums of money on a variety of things, and inject billions into the world economy as they work alongside vendors and service providers to keep their properties humming. The IRS noted that Marriott spent $190 million just to replace old bedding at its properties recently, and spends $20 million a year on skin-care products for its hotel rooms. With the hospitality industry, as a whole, generating nearly as much revenue as the GDP of Finland, Sweden, and Norway combined, it certainly attracts a lot of attention. And no gathering of hospitality industry trends stands out quite like the Hospitality Design Expo & Conference – held this year in Las Vegas.

What to Expect This Year

The HD Expo has been going strong since 1992, and over the past 25 years it has gained serious momentum as the premier trade show for the hospitality industry. The goal of the show is to:

*Connect industry professionals who can collaborate and turn current challenges and opportunities into real-world solutions.

* Expose up-and-coming designers to key industry decision-makers who can boost the visibility of emerging technologists and artists.

* Offer LU/CEU accredited courses that not only deliver leading-edge industry information, but can also grant educational credits for life-long learners in the field.

* Showcase leaders in the hospitality field who can discuss the ins and outs of managing and growing a successful brand.

The 2017 HD Expo is estimated to pull an expected 17,500 attendees and is a great opportunity for anyone involved in the hospitality field to learn more about the contemporary world of hotels and their related services. Las Vegas is the perfect venue for this type of exposition, as it embodies a true spirit of adaptability that has literally reshaped the skyline over the past 20 years.

Las Vegas has demonstrated how service and the client experience has had to change to keep up with changing tastes, how design features that were once considered unrealistic or even unattainable are now in demand, and how technology has reshaped the way hospitality industry firms do business.

Think about it – for the 40 million or so annual visitors to Las Vegas, how many of them booked their room via an online booking system? Or downloaded the app to enable easier management of their resort stay? Did social media influence their decision? Statistics say that social media is one of the biggest influencers when it comes to making a hotel stay decision. Wi-Fi infrastructure overhauls are another big push. It isn’t acceptable anymore for a hotel guest to not have robust and reliable Wi-Fi on the hotel property. Even SMART room keys, which allow guests to unlock their room doors with a swipe of their smartphone, are quickly replacing the old “credit card-style” room keys. These innovations, and more, will be showcased and discussed at the 2017 HD Expo in Las Vegas.

One of the biggest changes seen in hospitality industry trends in Vegas is a move away from hotels with a “gambler’s Mecca” theme to one of an all-immersive resort experience. Tahiti Village, for example, lies just minutes away from the gaming tables of the Strip, yet pampers guests with an all-encompassing Island theme – perfect for escaping the noise and hustle of the Las Vegas’ Strip. A resort like Tahiti Village is one example of the “New Vegas” – a far cry from the stale, smoke-filled card rooms of yesteryear.

Come check out the HD Expo this year for yourself, or simply book a room in Vegas to see firsthand what hospitality looks like – Vegas-style.

Featured Tahiti Village Resort

Issue 4 of the Tahiti Village Vacationer is ready to open

Two significant stories distinguish Issue 4 of the Tahiti Village Vacationer, our final newsletter of the year and our last one moving forward. More on that in a moment. The biggest news, as evidenced by its anchor position at the bottom of Page 1, is the announcement of our main lobby remodel. Without giving away too much here, the renovation will bring with it exciting new changes we think you will enjoy. As mentioned above, we are bidding farewell to our traditional newsletter in favor of social media. Read all about it on Page 2. You won’t miss a thing – especially the three-month wait between newsletters. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you a very happy and prosperous 2014. Thank you for reading.

Tahiti Village Newsletter Issue 4 2013 

Featured Tahiti Village Resort

LED TV installation in Towers 1 and 2 nearly complete

New 42-inch RCA HDTV in Tower 1

The installation of new LED televisions in Towers 1 and 2 is nearly finished. Once the 32- and 42-inch flat screen RCAs are all in place, our north and south guest towers will be completely high-def. We have installed the new TVs in roughly three-quarters of Tower 1 and 2 guest rooms, and expect to complete the project in the coming weeks. LED televisions are lightweight and far more energy efficient than the previous TV technology. We think your TV watching will be that much more enjoyable.

For the latest information on your home resort, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Featured Tahiti Village Resort

The latest TV Vacationer is ready for its screen test

Issue 3 2013 Tahiti Village Vacationer

The interval between our last newsletter, Issue 2, and our current newsletter, Issue 3, a 90-day conflagration commonly referred to as summer, was a fun and busy time here at Tahiti Village. With Issue 3 we can begin to bid an overdue adieu to the hot months, but in the event you have trouble with goodbyes, we leave you with a memento of the summer that was on Page 5. We think it will make the pain of parting more bearable while at the same time give you something to look forward to. In keeping with our summer theme we direct you to the cover, where we devote an entire page to our weekly Saturday pool party. Nothing but refreshing fun, we say. Inside you will find the informative and entertaining articles you’ve come to expect from your resort newsletter. We hope this latest edition of the Tahiti Village Vacationer tides you over to the next. By then you’ll be putting a turkey in the oven.

Issue 3 2013 Tahiti Village Vacationer

Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas

Record Las Vegas temperatures heat up the Tahiti Village pool; we cool it back down by serving ice water.

Ice water on a very hot day.

The recent high pressure system that sent daytime temperatures in Las Vegas soaring to a record 117 degrees turned the refreshing Tahiti Village beach pool into a hot tub. Water temperatures reached 97 degrees, up from the normal 82 degrees, and left us scrambling for a way to beat the heat. Our solution? Ice water! In an attempt to reduce the tepid temperature, we dumped blocks of ice into the water and essentially turned the pool into the world’s largest Big Gulp. Swimmers gravitated to the ice like great white sharks to delicious baby seals, grabbing the cold floating treasures to rub on themselves while enjoying the cooling effects of the slowly melting blocks. We commend assistant general manager Mike Mayhew, pool and activities manager Britny Flores and the entire pool staff for their quick implementation of a great idea.

Featured Tahiti Village Resort

We document the bustling first quarter of 2013 in Issue 1 of the Tahiti Village Vacationer – this one’s a keeper!

Difficult to believe as it may be, 2013 for all intents and purposes is already a quarter over. We’ve had a busy start to the year here at Tahiti Village, a fact reflected in the first packed issue of the Tahiti Village Vacationer. Read on if you want just a synopsis, or click on the links to be directed to the whole enchilada.

Tahiti Village Vacationer

We kick things off with a cover story on our first anniversary with RCI, conspicuous by a bottom-of-the-page graphic featuring a sextet of happy escapees from an M&M’s bag. Without revealing too much, more than 6,000 of your fellow Somerpointe Resorts owners are now RCI Points program members. That’s a lot of folks enjoying vacation ownership at its highest level.

On Page 2 we itemize our first quarter achievements in a muscular Resort News and Notes and introduce you to the smiling Coopers in a longer than usual Owner Spotlight.

Page 3 begins with Lynn Mitchell’s Welcome to 2013 article in which he reveals our goals for the coming year. The accompanying photo shows him behind the wheel of drag racer Terry McMillen’s vehicle. Terry stays at Tahiti Village twice a year (see Page 4 article) when the NHRA race circuit hits Las Vegas. Two thumbs up indeed!

The rest of the page – indeed the rest of the issue – is pulsing with interesting, informative and in-depth articles procured from every nook and cranny of your home resort. Since we are rapidly running up against our blog post word limit, trust us when we tell you – the last three pages are filled with as much newsy goodness as the first three.

Although it is too early to tell, this one may be a lock for Issue of the Year. And the other three haven’t even been published!

Tahiti Village Vacationer Issue 1 2013 

Featured Tahiti Village Resort

We look back on 2012 and ahead to 2013 in our last newsletter of the year, “the best one yet,” expert says

2012 Tahiti Village newsletter Issue 4

Your home resort was a hive of activity this year, with events both large and small putting their stamp on the previous 365 days. We cover them all in this, our fourth and final newsletter of 2012.

President Richard Rodriguez kicks things off with a retrospective on the year that was. Richard builds his informative cover story on a base of concise summaries that detail, among other things, the opening of our new adult spa and the expansion of our internet service.

Inside you’ll find in-depth articles on events that occurred at your home resort since our last publication, including a successful art show fundraiser for charity and a visit from drag racer Terry McMillen. Some of your fellow owners took the opportunity to experience how it feels to sit inside a Top Fuel dragster.

Also in Issue 4, we take you on a tour of Somerpointe Resorts newest partner property, the gorgeous Lake La Quinta Inn, give you a performance-enhanced Resort News and Notes, and whet your appetite with a look at Tahiti Joe’s new updated menu.

We’ve been told this is the best newsletter yet by someone who knows. We invite you to decide for yourself. Enjoy!

2012 Tahiti Village newsletter Issue 4

Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas

Groundbreaking begins on our new adult-only spa

Artist’s rendering of a finished adult-only spa (click to enlarge).

As you may have read on Twitter, in a Tweet from general manager Mike Rounds, groundbreaking began this week on our new adult-only spa. We anticipate a Thanksgiving opening, with construction taking about 60 days. The spa will hold approximately 4,500 gallons and seat 17, more than double the capacity of our family hot tub. It will have twin tiki torches on either side of a rock waterfall, which will flow its contents directly into the spa. It is located behind the Lazy River, to the north and east of Tower 5. Please stay tuned to Twitter for progress photos and updates on the adult spa.



Tahiti Village Newsletter

Latest Tahiti Village Newsletter Now Available Online

2012 Newsletter Issue 3

The latest edition of the Tahiti Village Vacationer, our penultimate issue of 2012, is now available for your reading satisfaction. Once you’ve perused its six digital pages, packed with the kind of content other publications accept money for, we think you’ll agree this is one newsletter that won’t take no for an answer.

The issue opens with news of our new 10,000-square foot barbecue area, with a two-deck headline announcing it. We leaked the story in a previous blog post, but in case you missed it, please refer to the cover of this very newsletter for all the info. Also on the cover is a smaller headline to the right of the stacked giant whispering the imminent arrival our adult-only spa. We don’t have a firm opening date yet (we’re thinking somewhere around Labor Day), but will let you know when we do.

Other highlights include a Page Three feature detailing the benefits of an RCI Points membership, a Page Five think piece on Tahiti Joe’s contrasting menu items, and last but not least, our official announcement of free property-wide Wi-Fi coming soon.

To read the current newsletter, which also and as always includes our social activities and events calendars, please click on the link below.

2012 Tahiti Village Newsletter Issue 3

Make sure you have the most current version of Flash to view the newsletter.  To install the newest version, click here.

Featured Tahiti Village Resort

Latest quarterly newsletter now available online; luau kicks off summer season; non-alcoholic beverages in sealed plastic bottles now allowed poolside.

2012 Newsletter Issue 2

The first of 19 scheduled luaus marked the start of summer here at Tahiti Village on Saturday, May 5. Owners and guests enjoyed perfect weather, a delicious buffet from Tahiti Joe’s and fabulous entertainment from Hot Lava, whose authentic Polynesian singers, dancers and performers charmed and thrilled the audience.

VIP ticketholders got a 20-minute head start on the buffet, which consisted of kalua pork, Polynesian chicken, island jasmine rice, Tahitian salad, fruit salad and squares of coconut cake. There was more than enough to go around, however, and there needed to be to accommodate the near-capacity crowd.

“We couldn’t have asked for better weather,” said pool activities director Ashlie Williams, “and we received numerous positive comments on the food and entertainment. It was a great night of fun.”

The entertainment featured island songs, Polynesian dances (with audience participation) and heart-stopping performance art. The latter came courtesy of a Tongan chief twirling flaming sticks and a balance board daredevil who had everyone on the edge of their seats.

The luau is every Saturday from 7-10 p.m. throughout the summer.

After further discussion with the Clark County Health Department, we are now permitting water and non-alcoholic beverages in sealed plastic bottles inside the pool area and Lazy River for your convenience.  Our latest quarterly newsletter, Issue 2 of 2012, is now available online. And by online, we mean it is embedded in this very post. The latest issue of the Tahiti Village Vacationer is densely packed from front cover to back with the kind of information you can’t get anywhere else. Enjoy!

To read the 2012 winter newsletter, which also includes our social activities calendar and Las Vegas Show Guide, please click on the link below. Enjoy!

Tahiti Village 2012 Newsletter Issue 2