Discover the Best at Tahiti Village: Nominated for Best of Las Vegas 2023

Calling all Las Vegas locals and visitors! It’s that exciting time of the year again – the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas nominations are here. This esteemed contest allows individuals to nominate and celebrate their favorite places across various categories. At Tahiti Village, our focus shines on being nominated for the Best Family Friendly Hotel and Best Strip Hotel Pool, along with a range of other categories.

Nominated Categories: Best Family Friendly Hotel, Best Concierge Service, Best Strip Hotel Pool, Best Pizza, Best Family Friendly Show: Luau 

At Tahiti Village, we take pride in being the ultimate family-friendly oasis on the renowned Las Vegas Boulevard, situated just minutes away from the iconic Las Vegas Strip and a stone’s throw from Harry Reid International Airport. Our all-suite resort encapsulates the essence of a tropical paradise, providing a serene escape from the city’s vibrant energy. Our dedication to exceptional experiences is showcased through a variety of amenities, including an indulgent spa, well-equipped fitness centers, and a celebrated Polynesian-themed pool area that boasts a unique sand beach entry and a tranquil Lazy River with cascading waterfall features. Additionally, we offer an array of onsite dining options, a luxurious spa, an activities center, a concierge service, a sundries shop, and multiple bars. 

Our commitment to family-friendly entertainment is encapsulated through our family-oriented activities like Beat of Joy, Mermaid Encounter, and our highly anticipated Luau show. The Luau transports you to a Polynesian paradise, combining mesmerizing fire dance performances and island-inspired craft shopping at the Po Makeke (Night Market), all accompanied by a delectable buffet-style dinner. 

Tahiti Village has consistently been recognized in the Best of Las Vegas competition, securing notable wins over the years. In 2022, we earned Bronze for Best Family Friendly Hotel and Gold for Best Strip Hotel Pool. Our journey of excellence continued in 2021 with Gold awards for both categories. The years 2020, 2019, and 2018 saw us achieving Gold and Silver victories, respectively, reflecting our dedication to creating remarkable experiences for all our guests.


As we strive for another round of victories, we emphasize the importance of your votes. Your support has elevated us to the top ranks consistently, and we’re determined to continue this trend. Our team, especially our dedicated Concierge staff, plays a pivotal role in ensuring your experience with us is exceptional, providing assistance with show tickets, activity arrangements, and making your stay unforgettable. 


At Tahiti Village, we stand as a testament to the magic of family-friendly experiences. Our Polynesian-themed pool area is a beloved highlight, earning rave reviews from our guests. We’re proud to stand among the Best of Las Vegas nominees, representing the epitome of family-focused hospitality. 

As the voting period for Best of Las Vegas commences from August 28th to September 21st, we invite you to cast your vote and help us maintain our top positions. Every vote counts, and your continued support fuels our drive to offer unparalleled family-friendly experiences in the heart of Las Vegas.

We’re thrilled to connect with you and share the excitement of the Best of Las Vegas nominations. Make your voice heard and help us secure more gold in our quest for excellence. Don’t forget to visit the Best of Las Vegas website to cast your vote and learn more about this exceptional competition. Thank you for being part of our journey – we can’t wait to welcome you back to Tahiti Village soon!


Vote for Tahiti Village in our nominated categories by clicking here and explore more about our family-friendly haven by visiting our website or connecting with us on social media, @TahitiVillage. 

How to Hula from our Las Vegas Luau

How to Hula from our Las Vegas Luau

As you sip the last drops of your exotic cocktail at our Luau surrounded by your family, knowing tomorrow is check out time for your stay at Tahiti Village- and summer- we hope you pause to savor every last decadent moment of it. And just like that, as if summer couldn’t get any better you see a burst of flames, as if to send you off on your way home with a bang. 

Native Polynesians adorned in traditional garb erupt the stage in a riveting and beautiful cultural homage to their island home. You may also be surprised to find the men are also dancing the Hula. Once upon a time, the Hula was actually performed by men. The men that led the tribes, would perform these dances as a way to convey the history of their people and their creation. And as you probably witnessed at our Luau, the Hula is a rigorous dance sure to push your core to its limit. 

As our last parting gift for your stay here with us, we want to send you off with a way to keep us and all the memories of your tropical holiday alive all year long. Here are some Hula moves demonstrated by our performers to get your blood and core pumping in the upcoming colder months.


COVID-19: Tahiti Village Update

covidThe COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed everyone’s lives. That doesn’t stop us from doing everything we can to give our guests and owners the best experience and vacation possible. At Tahiti Village Resort, we care deeply about the well-being and safety of our owners and guests and wanted to provide you with an update on the steps we are taking at the resort to ensure your safety!

Just recently, the Governor stated that in order for Nevada to stay safe and remain open during COVID-19 it is mandated to wear face coverings in all public areas. This Declaration of Emergency Directive was announced on June 26, 2020.

With that, all guests must wear face coverings while indoors, while walking around the property outdoors and while at the pool and lazy river areas. This is for not only your safety but for everyone at the resort. If you have further questions about the new directive, please click here.

Nevada entered Phase Two of reopening on May 29, since then there have been many positive changes in regards to what we can have open on property. After careful consideration of the Phase 2 plan and guidance from the CDC and state directives, we were able to make these further changes–

  • Our pool, lazy river and hot tubs will be open but operating at 50% capacity. Pool admittance will be on a “first come, first served” basis. Wristbands are required to access pool, hot tubs and lazy river.
  • Our gym will officially be opening for use.
  • Wristbands are required to access our pool, lazy river and hot tubs for all registered guests except for children less than 5 years of age. Visit Concierge for these!
  • BBQ area will be open for use.


We are accepting reservations at the resort for guests and owners to come and stay with us. We have taken these additional precautions –

  • The Front Desk and Concierge areas will be fitted with plexiglass acrylic screens. Social distance markers are on the floor for everyone’s reference.
  • Keys, lobby access doors, stairway banisters, elevator buttons, desks, door handles, and all other high contact areas will be disinfected regularly by our staff.
  • In your room, we will be placing “Cleaned and Sanitized” stickers in all high contact areas to let you know we got it.
  • Room assignments will be done so in a way that will allow for better social distancing.
  • Enhanced cleaning of the gym.
  • All employees will be participating in ongoing training to ensure health and safety measures are upheld.


covidWhile you are at the resort we recommend you only ride the elevator with people in your party. Please continue to practice social distancing between each other and in all public areas on our property. Such as our walkways, hallways, lobby areas, etc.

We intend to operate as set forth for as long as possible; however, please realize that these are dynamic and rapidly-evolving circumstances that require day-to-day decision making with COVID-19.

If you need to adjust retail reservations, please contact our Reservation Team at 1-855-386-4658. Adjusting a retail reservation made through an online travel agency (OTA) or another third party, please contact them directly.

For those who are taking advantage in our Complimentary Stay offer and need to change your dates or cancel, please contact us at 1-877-751-8444.

Rest assured that we will contact you in the event that we are required to further change course due to updated health and safety guidance. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as our team navigates what is truly new ground. This is a fluid situation with local, state, and federal jurisdictions issuing guidance and/or restrictions continuously.

covidWe understand that your vacations with us are not what any of us are used to and we apologize for that. The new rules and restrictions that have been placed upon us from State of Nevada’s Directive 024 are one’s we need to follow so we can get back to the Vegas everyone loves! We are doing everything we can to comply with these rules while still maintaining the level of enjoyment that you have grown to expect. With your help, we can navigate through these unchartered territories together and shed those masks! We would like to thank our owners, guests and employees that have been so understanding and cooperative during these times so we can be the Tahiti Village we all want!


Tahiti Village Resort wants to thank you for your continued support and love as we do everything we can to provide you with the best vacation possible!

Summer luau tent cover project

Summer 2019 just ended but summer 2020 will be here before you know it.  That means another big season of our popular Summer Sunday Luau returns for three months of great island-style entertainment and delicious Polynesian cuisine in our spacious Island Courtyard here at family friendly Tahiti Village.

Over the years the show and food offerings at the Tahiti Village summer luau have undergone subtle changes, all for the better. One thing that hasn’t is the Las Vegas temperature. Luau attendees have always braved triple digit heat and an overhead sun still blazing and unrelenting even by the 7 p.m. start time.

That is about to change.

With the installation of a two-piece tent cover, Tahiti Village Las Vegas luau guests in 2020 will have it made in the shade. The cover will stretch the length and width of the Island Courtyard and keep the sun off hundreds of happy heads. The project is currently underway and expected to be completed in October. A new higher stage will also debut in 2020, creating improved viewing for guests occupying tables behind the front row.

The latest project photos (see below) show the newly installed tent poles. Imagine how it will look like when it’s completed and you’re sitting in the cooling shade enjoying Las Vegas’ most popular luau!

Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas summer luau tent cover

Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas luau tent cover

Construction begins on our new summer luau tent inside the Island Courtyard at Tahiti Village

We’ve got you covered next luau season!

The weekly Summer Sunday Luau has been a popular event at family friendly Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ favorite tropical resort paradise, for the last 10 years. A 7 p.m. start time means the temperature is still well over 100 degrees, and the sun is still bearing down on hundreds of uncovered heads. For the 2020 luau season, we’re upping the comfort quotient with the installation of a two-piece tent cover that will stretch the length and width of the Island Courtyard. The project is now underway and expected to be completed by the end of September. When you attend next year’s luau you’ll have it made in the shade!

Construction begins on our new summer luau tent inside the Island Courtyard at Tahiti Village

Tahiti Village Memorial Day weekend activities promise much fun

The conclusion to a busy spring here at family friendly Tahiti Village Resort culminates this weekend in a host of refreshing activities, including the resumption of our popular Summer Luau! To get you in the right frame of mind for the upcoming summer season, we’re presenting a pack of poolside fun all day Saturday and Sunday.

Poolside Activities

Tahiti Village Memorial Day weekend activitiesWe kick things off at noon on Saturday with our disc jockey, the Tahiti Village Sandman. He will play your favorite tunes throughout the afternoon as you enjoy an hour with Mermaid CaySea, two hours of pool games and three hours face of painting. At 4 p.m. he makes way for Tahiti Village favorite Nick Mattera, who will treat you to three hours of live acoustic music prior to Movie Night at 8 p.m. The fun resumes on Sunday with music bingo from 1-3 p.m., followed by Nick from 4-7 p.m. and Movie Night at 8 p.m.

Sunday Summer Luau

Sunday night, May 26, our weekly Summer Luau returns to the Island Courtyard for another scintillating season of great food and entertainment Don’t miss this treat for the senses as our Hot Lava singers, dancers and musicians thrill, delight and whisk you away to a tropical paradise right here in the desert.

Their island offerings include a mix of fun Polynesian songs and hula dances with audience participation. Things really heat up when a master fire twirler hits the stage. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

Join us at Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ tropical resort retreat, every Sunday all summer long for wonderful entertainment and a delicious Tahitian buffet. Chef Jason has prepared a rotating menu of island-inspired cuisine that will keep your taste buds guessing every week.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with dinner beginning at 7 p.m. The show will follow shortly after. Leis provided are provided at the door and go great with tropical shirts.

For current pricing and to reserve your tickets, please call (702) 440-6915 or visit the concierge desk in the Tahiti Village main lobby.

Book your stay today!

Tahiti Village Summer Sunday Luau Las Vegas

Summer Luau Returns!

Las Vegas’ Summer Luau Returns to Tahiti Village

Our signature summer event, the weekly Sunday Luau, is back for another scintillating season. Las Vegas’ longest running luau begins Memorial Day Sunday, May 26, and runs all summer long through Labor Day at family friendly Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ favorite tropical resort.

Don’t miss this invigorating treat for the senses. Our Hot Lava singers, dancers and musicians will thrill, delight and whisk you away to a tropical paradise right here in the desert. Their island offerings include a mix of fun Polynesian songs and hula dances with audience participation. Things really heat up when a master fire twirler hits the stage. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

Join us at Tahiti Village every Sunday all summer long in our beautiful Island Courtyard for wonderful entertainment and a delicious Tahitian buffet. Chef Jason has prepared a rotating menu of island-inspired cuisine that will keep your taste buds guessing.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with dinner beginning at 7 p.m. The show will follow shortly after. Leis provided are provided at the door and look great with tropical shirts.

For current VIP and general admission pricing and to reserve your tickets, please call the concierge at (702) 440-6915 or visit the concierge desk in the Tahiti Village main lobby. Book a summer visit today!

The most family friendly shows in Las Vegas

One of the natural byproducts of Las Vegas’ evolution from an adult playground to a family destination has been the advent of shows both children and their parents can enjoy. The Cirque du spectaculars, magic acts and miscellaneous G-rated fare that began appearing in the early `90s, cautiously at first, are now ubiquitous, rendering the previously prolific indigenous species – the Las Vegas showgirl – all but extinct.

So now you’ve decided to bring the kids with you to Las Vegas. You want to see a show with them but don’t want to worry about the sudden unexpected appearance of a leftover Lido lady flashing a body part best left covered.  Guess what? We’ve got you covered.

From an embarrassment of riches we’ve pared down the kid-friendliest shows in Las Vegas to help you make the best possible choice. Read on!

Popovich Pet Comedy Theater
Planet Hollywood

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater features dogs and cats (plus doves and other small critters – more than 30 animals in all) acting out skits such as passengers boarding a train, students sitting in a classroom or patients waiting for a doctor.

A graduate of the Moscow Circus School and a fifth-generation circus performer, Popovich juggles, jumps rope and performs a host of other big top-style tricks. He has rescued these animals from shelters all over the country and has transformed them into Las Vegas stars.

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater is a must-see for young animal lovers.

Terry Fator
The Mirage

As a successful headliner on the Las Vegas Strip, Terry Fator captures the hearts and funny bones of audiences from around the world. Backed by actual live musicians, Fator wows audiences nightly with singing, comedy and unparalleled celebrity impressions. The America‘s Got Talent winner brings to life a hilarious range of characters, including Winston, the impersonating turtle; Emma Taylor, the little girl with the big voice; and lounge singer Monty Carlo. With comedic banter and amazing vocal impressions of musical superstars such as Garth Brooks, Dean Martin, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga and more, Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Tournament of Kings

When you arrive at this dinner show inside the castle-shaped Excalibur, you’ll be seated in sections that represent a “country.” Throughout the production, Merlin and a court jester will urge you to cheer for your native knight as he takes on rivals from other lands in challenges like jousting, sword fighting, racing and gladiator combat.

The evil Mordred tries to capture King Arthur’s kingdom, but the countries unite to fight against him.

At Tournament of Kings, you’ll eat Cornish hen, steamed veggies and biscuits, with sweet pastry for dessert. Just like lords and ladies did in the Middle Ages, you’ll have to eat with your hands. But it’s okay to slurp your first course, “dragon’s blood” (tomato soup). Juice and soda will be served, along with grown-up drinks.

Blue Man Group

This show takes on big issues like brain function, groupthink and artificial intelligence, but the three silent stars, dressed in black and earless in alien blue, are childlike in their naivete and curiosity.

The characters stuff their mouths full of marshmallows, play with giant iPhones and crawl over the theater seats rooting through guests’ belongings. At the end of the production, enormous beach balls float through the theater, and audience members can’t help but punch and shove them in slow motion.

This show is noticeably loud. It’s full of dance-worthy original music (including a finale with lyrics that rattle off silly nicknames for your butt) featuring Blue Man Group’s signature invented instruments.

Treasure Island

If you’re looking to take in a high-end show with the whole family, think about Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère, the granddaddy of all Las Vegas family shows. Now in its 26th year, the show delivers the thrill of the circus and features amazing acts that will dazzle and delight kids of all ages.

Among the acts is a two-man tandem that strikes gravity-defying poses in a hand-to-hand balancing routine, an aerialist who twists and turns to create optical illusions with two suspended lengths of fabric, and a group of gymnasts who flip and climb around four vertical poles.

This show has no age restriction, but may not be ideal for children who don’t like clowns. One who acts as an usher rounds out Mystère with good humor, and colorful, imaginative costumes add to the rainbow of spectacle in this classic Las Vegas spectacular.

MGM Grand

Adults got to know this team of masked performers when it won the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew. With a new show based on color and light, Jabbawockeez is set to draw in a new crowd of fans.

Teens who love music with a good beat will get into this production, but younger kids will love the dancers’ pantomimed storytelling set to popular and original music and framed in bright primary colors.

Though there are funny segments meant to make grownups laugh, most of show is about two characters – one dressed in black and one in white – discovering balance and friendship by exploring the color spectrum.

Jeff Civillico
Paris in Las Vegas

Jeff Civillico’s intractable enthusiasm endears him to children 8 to 80. A master juggler with a gift for comedy, he eagerly welcomes kids’ participation in his acts and is always ready with a one-liner to keep their folks laughing.

Civillico’s “Comedy in Action” show never stops moving. Children (and grownups with childlike senses of humor) will fall head over heels for his zany persona and laugh out loud when he pulls out signature moves like his high side kick and dramatic wedgie removal.

Summer Sunday Luau
Tahiti Village

Can you blame us for including our own show? Our popular Summer Sunday Luau runs from May to Labor Day weekend and offers authentic Polynesian-style food and great entertainment for the entire family every Sunday evening at Tahiti Village all summer long.

Book a visit to Tahiti Village and suffer no more from Guilty Vacation Syndrome!

The lazy river at Tahiti Village is one of our cures for Guilty Vacation Syndrome.
The lazy river at Tahiti Village is one of our cures for Guilty Vacation Syndrome.

Are you suffering from Guilty Vacation Syndrome, the nagging urge to cancel or delay vacations due to guilt? Based on the results of a recent family vacation survey, you probably are. It is especially likely if you’re a Millennial, 59 percent of which report feeling ashamed for taking or planning a vacation in a time when vacation-shaming in offices nationwide and around the word is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Of those 59 percent that reported having unused paid vacation days, 40 percent said they left five or more vacation days unused because they did not want to deal with the guilt associated with taking a vacation.

Neither are older individuals immune from the guilt. In the same survey, 41 percent of individuals 35 and older felt the same symptoms of Guilty Vacation Syndrome, or GVS. Symptoms (misplaced emotions, indecisiveness, sadness) often go undetected or are mistaken for other, less serious ailments. GVS can also have the ironic side effect impacting your work productivity.

Recent research also shows that an astounding 55 percent of Americans didn’t use all of their time off in 2015, and 65 percent say that their company discourages, sends mixed messages, or says nothing about taking personal time off.

With vacation-shaming growing in offices across the world, there has been a surge in diagnoses of GVS. Many feel that despite wanting a vacation, they shouldn’t take one.

Proven remedies for GVS include:

Realizing that vacations are a necessity and not a luxury.

Commit to an annual vacation—a recipe for stronger ties with families and friends, less stress and better health.

Learning from those that have never suffered from this malady (specifically, timeshare owners who have continued to make vacations a priority).

It’s proven that one to two weeks away from the daily routine leads to better job performance and productivity—perhaps helping to make your job even more secure when you return to it.

Our advice? Book a visit to Tahiti Village as soon as you can. Las Vegas is a number-one doctor-recommended cure for GVS. You certain to feel like a new you!

Season-ending luau to benefit the hungry of Las Vegas a great success!

We at Tahiti Village extend our sincere thanks to everyone who helped make our 2018 season-ending luau to benefit Three Square food bank a great success. In case you missed it, we live-streamed the event on our Facebook page and for every share donated one meal to Three Square. We are happy to report that the final live stream had more than 37,000 views and enough engagement for us to donate 3,000 meals! We thank all our friends on social media who contributed to this great cause and helped feed the hungry of Las Vegas. Our weekly Sunday luau resumes next May, and we hope to see you here for another fun-filled summer of great food and entertainment.