Meet rodeo star Luke Brown next Saturday at Tahiti Village!

Meet rodeo cowboy Luke Brown at Tahiti Village from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8th. He’ll be signing autographs, posing for pictures, handing out prizes, and performing a roping demonstration. Luke competes in team roping on the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo circuit, and will be in Las Vegas for the NFR’s annual December visit.

Luke has nearly $2 million in Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association career earnings and place fourth in the 2017 world standings. So far in 2018 Luke and his partner Jake Long have won three titles: the World’s Oldest Rodeo in Prescott, Ariz., the Caldwell Night Rodeo in Idaho, and the Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Luke Brown at Manihi Isle, conveniently located between the pool and lazy river. We hope to see you here!

Book a visit to Tahiti Village and suffer no more from Guilty Vacation Syndrome!

The lazy river at Tahiti Village is one of our cures for Guilty Vacation Syndrome.
The lazy river at Tahiti Village is one of our cures for Guilty Vacation Syndrome.

Are you suffering from Guilty Vacation Syndrome, the nagging urge to cancel or delay vacations due to guilt? Based on the results of a recent family vacation survey, you probably are. It is especially likely if you’re a Millennial, 59 percent of which report feeling ashamed for taking or planning a vacation in a time when vacation-shaming in offices nationwide and around the word is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Of those 59 percent that reported having unused paid vacation days, 40 percent said they left five or more vacation days unused because they did not want to deal with the guilt associated with taking a vacation.

Neither are older individuals immune from the guilt. In the same survey, 41 percent of individuals 35 and older felt the same symptoms of Guilty Vacation Syndrome, or GVS. Symptoms (misplaced emotions, indecisiveness, sadness) often go undetected or are mistaken for other, less serious ailments. GVS can also have the ironic side effect impacting your work productivity.

Recent research also shows that an astounding 55 percent of Americans didn’t use all of their time off in 2015, and 65 percent say that their company discourages, sends mixed messages, or says nothing about taking personal time off.

With vacation-shaming growing in offices across the world, there has been a surge in diagnoses of GVS. Many feel that despite wanting a vacation, they shouldn’t take one.

Proven remedies for GVS include:

Realizing that vacations are a necessity and not a luxury.

Commit to an annual vacation—a recipe for stronger ties with families and friends, less stress and better health.

Learning from those that have never suffered from this malady (specifically, timeshare owners who have continued to make vacations a priority).

It’s proven that one to two weeks away from the daily routine leads to better job performance and productivity—perhaps helping to make your job even more secure when you return to it.

Our advice? Book a visit to Tahiti Village as soon as you can. Las Vegas is a number-one doctor-recommended cure for GVS. You certain to feel like a new you!

Digital Rendering of Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Exterior

Status Update: Raiders Stadium Development

One of Las Vegas’ most exciting residencies is raiding the town and it’s got the whole city cheering. This particular residency takes place under a glass-domed roof, equipped with state-of-the-art retractable doors, and 65,000 seats overlooking a well-groomed natural grass field. Of course, we’re referring to the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders and their shiny, new Las Vegas stadium!

The Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Construction

With around 500 workers on site and a 1.8-BILLION-dollar budget, all Las Vegas Raiders Stadium construction employees are cruising at full speed to make their 2020 deadline. That might seem like a long time away, but watching the progression of the beautiful stadium being built will keep us entertained until the Raiders are here for good. There’s no doubt that other NFL cities will be quite envious of the final product, as our stadium will be loaded with all the bells and whistles. The black and silver building will shine like a jewel amongst a desert backdrop. Huge retractable doors will open, overlooking a bustling courtyard with the Las Vegas Strip just behind it.

The stadium is also equipped with a swanky, contemporary, fully-stocked bar, similar to a casino experience. Not to mention a below-level parking lot, which is completely unique and perfectly built for Sunday night tailgating. Ticket holders also have the option of booking a stadium suite that promises a “Super Bowl – like experience” every game day with world class luxury and service.

Currently, the stadium is only about 15% complete, so if you’d like to be the first to know about current stadium updates you can sign up to receive the latest information. As an added bonus, you can watch the whole construction process live. Score!

Digital Rendering of Las Vegas Raiders Stadium InteriorPhoto: Manica Architecture // Source:

Plan a Las Vegas Football Vacation

*Where to Stay

The stadium may not be complete yet, but it’s not too early to start planning your Las Vegas football vacation! It may sound like an unorthodox combination… Las Vegas, football, and a tropical paradise hotel… but this is a promising combination worth waiting for. Imagine this: it’s gameday and you wake up to your family and closest friends enjoying their morning coffee in the kitchenette of your Tahiti Village suite. With comfortable beds and a cozy atmosphere, everyone is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for a football-filled day.

With this newly refreshed energy, you are ready watch some football but you’re not looking forward to a long drive in big city traffic. Lucky for you, Tahiti Village is a minuscule three miles away from the NFL Las Vegas Raider Stadium. That’s barely enough time to blare The Autumn Wind out the car windows for the whole city to hear.

*What to Eat & Drink

Generally, people enjoy a little bit of tailgating before the game but in Vegas, standing under the desert sun on a blacktop parking lot sounds like something you’d rather do later in the NFL season. That being said, Tahiti Village doesn’t want you to miss out on all that delicious traditional tailgating food. At 17º S Beers & Bites you can find burgers, fries, wings, slow cooked ribs, nachos, and of course… ice cold beer.
Want to keep the football party going through the night? Just because the day is coming to a close doesn’t mean it’s time for bed. At the Wiki Wiki Store you can stock up on sodas, beer, and snacks to keep that football momentum going during your entire Las Vegas Tahiti Village vacation.

Friends drinking beer and watching football in Las Vegas.

*How to Recover

So, you watched a winning game, ate some amazing food, and threw back a few cold beers to make for an unforgettable gameday. However, did watching all those buff athletes have you feeling a little less than physically fit? Then head to Tahiti Village’s fully equipped fitness center and start pumping that iron. The fitness center includes treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and a wide variety of strength equipment so you can leave feeling as ripped as Derek Carr.

Or maybe watching all those hard-working football players had the opposite effect, and seeing all that physical activity actually wore you out. Well, there’s no better way to embrace lethargy than a relaxing Lazy River! Grab a complimentary Lazy River Tube and peacefully float around the 1/8th of a mile serenity decorated with beautiful waterfalls as Tahitian Tiki Torches light your path, where you can dream of the next time you spend a Raiders game day celebrating in Las Vegas.

As the Entertainment Capital of the World, it only makes sense that one of the most popular sports makes Las Vegas home. Our Valley has a lot to look forward to with the NFL digging their cleats into our desert sands, and Tahiti Village is happy to be your oasis for every kick-off.

Las Vegas 51s Baseball Team Photo

Las Vegas Baseball 2018: Cheer On the Las Vegas 51s

Summertime means cold drinks, outdoor fun, and America’s favorite pastime; baseball! From the Vegas Golden Knights to the WNBA Aces to the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders, our sports scene is pretty legendary. And don’t forget about our local soccer team, the Las Vegas Lights, with Tahiti Village’s Club de Soleil being the official “Home of the Lights.”  As such a big-time sports city, of course we have our very own baseball team, the Las Vegas 51s, to cheer on this summer.

There’s a lot going on for this minor-league team as the Las Vegas 51s recently kicked off their 36th season of Triple-A baseball and have games scheduled all the way into September. If you have never visited Cashman Field, this is the summer to do it, as plans for an entirely new Las Vegas 51s stadium is currently underway. If you’re in search of a fun summertime activity, a Las Vegas baseball game in the desert is a great way to spend any evening.

Affordable Vegas Baseball Tickets that Break Bats, Not Banks

Did we mention how affordable spending time in the ballpark is? You can cheer on the Las Vegas 51s for as low as $11 per ticket. Don’t think that automatically means the highest-quality seats in the stadium are ultra-expensive. You can sit in the best seats in the house for only $6 more at the Las Vegas 51s stadium!

While we can’t deny our love for the NHL Golden Knights games held at T-Mobile Arena or our excitement as we anticipate the 2020 arrival of the NFL Las Vegas Raiders, we all know those tickets cost multiples of a Las Vegas 51s game. That means you can become the newest regular at Cashman Field without breaking the bank, which is a good thing seeing that you’ll be planning your next ticket purchase before your first game is even finished.

Baseball on Pitchers Mound for Las Vegas 51s Game

As if the surprisingly affordable ticket prices weren’t enough, the Las Vegas 51s also have a long list of baseball game promotions throughout the summer. Cashman Field offers discounted concessions at every Monday home game, Budweiser Dollar Beer Night every Thursday, and even fun giveaway games sprinkled throughout the season to show appreciation for such loyal Las Vegas baseball fans.

Watch Talented 51s Baseball Players Thrive

If you find yourself assuming that such low ticket prices must reflect the value of the game being played on the field, think again. Triple-A Baseball is only one level below the major leagues and is full of talented players. The Las Vegas 51s are actually the minor-league affiliate team of the well-known New York Mets, so players on the 51s are frequently directly sent to the major-league. Minor-league baseball is also used as a gateway back into the major-league for players who have lost time in the sport while undergoing injury rehabilitation.  

Las Vegas Baseball is Moving Onward and Upward

There are many new things to come for the Las Vegas 51s after the 2018 Las Vegas baseball season. This season will be the team’s last in their home at Cashman Field while the new Las Vegas 51s stadium is currently under construction in Downtown Summerlin. The entire community is anticipating the new 10,000-seat ballpark, which is a $150 million project.

Steps Leading Down to Las Vegas Baseball Stadium

Not only will the team call the new stadium home in the 2019 season, Las Vegas baseball is also going through a huge rebranding process and will have a new team name and major-league affiliation. The purpose of the team’s rebranding is to further connect with the local Las Vegas community. The organization even held a team-naming contest back in the spring and received more than 2,500 entries from excited Las Vegas baseball fans. The team is looking to be creative with their new team name and proudly want it to represent their unique home.

The five-year contract with the New York Mets ends after this year as well, and with so many upgrades we expect the team to be highly sought after by major-league franchises. Towards the end of the season, around mid-September, is when we’ll find out about the Las Vegas 51s’ new major-league affiliation. But until then, cheer on the Las Vegas 51s all summer long and catch the Friday Night Fireworks every week! Take me out to the ball game!