How to have a romantic Valentine’s in Las Vegas!

Of all the indentured adjectives forced into descriptive servitude for Las Vegas, romantic isn’t among those that come naturally to mind. It’s only with the imminent arrival of that arrow-shooting cherub that the romantically challenged among us are reminded of our yearly Valentine’s Day obligations.

This of course results in a dash to the nearest internet device and a subsequent Google search for “romantic things to do in Las Vegas.” Well who knew there were so many? This place is romantic up the ying yang, so if you’re lucky enough to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship, your task isn’t to find a way to spend the evening under Cupid’s coercion but to narrow the choices.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to move a mouse. We’ve gleaned the contents of page after page after page of lovey-dovey suggestions for your convenience. Only the choicest have made it to this article. The rest is now up to you. Pick and choose your favorites or select all 10 if you’re compulsively ambitious or in the wild throes of fresh love.

And here they are!


What’s the next best thing to massaging each other? Getting massaged together by someone else.  Enjoy a 50-minute couples’ hot stone massage at Mahana Spa, located on the grounds of Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ very own family friendly, tropical resort paradise.  Contact the spa for pricing and to make a reservation. You’ll be in very good hands.


spa las vegas
Massage for two at Mahana Spa!


You don’t have to go all the way to Venice to experience a romantic gondola ride. Just head over to The Venetian Hotel, flag down an authentically-garbed gondolier and behold the city of canals Vegas style. That’s amore!


Rome may be the city of fountains, but how many of them dance like the Bellagio’s? We ask this rhetorically, as a way to elevate the latter’s reputation at the expense of the former and whet your appetite to see this spectacular free water show. This is Vegas, where even fountains are elevated to the level of performance art.


Locals know that an invitation to go watch the planes land is a propositional euphemism. If you’re the literal type and actually like watching planes land, there is a place you can go. The north-facing Eastern Avenue parking lot on the south side of McCarran International Airport gives you an unimpeded view of the big airliners bringing in the precious cargo so vital to the Las Vegas economy.  There’s nothing saying you can’t break open a bottle of bubbly and steal a kiss. Or, you know, whatever.


Las Vegas never runs out of ways to spin a wheel, but until the opening last year of The High Roller, you could never take one for a ride. The world’s tallest Ferris wheel at 550 feet, The High Roller offers spectacular 360-degree views of the Strip and Las Vegas valley– especially at night. Just say “I will.”


If you’d prefer to see Vegas from a bird’s eye view, take the City Lights helicopter tour over the Strip and downtown. It takes just 20 minutes – all the time you’ll need to pop the question. Like, where are we eating?


What would Valentine’s be without a romantic dinner? And what’s more romantic than Paris? If you can’t afford a quick trip to the City of Light, Las Vegas comes to the rescue once again. Just book a reservation at the Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower restaurant and you’ll not only get a wonderful view of the Strip but the aforementioned Bellagio fountains as well. Request condescending waiters to complete this delightfully authentic French dining experience.


Take the Lake Mead dinner cruise while you can. If western drought conditions persist much longer, it’s possible the lake will be bone dry by 2020. Until then, all aboard! Just remember: Don’t go swimming after eating.


As anyone who has ever tried it could probably attest, attaining membership in the Mile High Club comes with certain risks, namely discovery, embarrassment and arrest. We suppose that’s part of the appeal. So what if you’re risk-averse but would still like to get in on the action? Book a flight with Love Cloud. This Las Vegas company not only encourages the practice of midair amore; it also provides the plane. Talk about the friendly skies.


Planning on getting married in Las Vegas? You’ll need bureaucratic approval. Waiting for a wedding license at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau may not seem romantic, but if the line is long enough, it may give you enough time to reconsider your decision to spend the rest of your life with the hottie you met at Hakkasan three hours ago.

Try one or more of these and you’ll be in silk pajamas listening to Barry White before the night is through.

All you can eat! All you can drink! Join us for the Big Game at 17˚ South!

Big Game Party

If you’re looking for a great place to watch the Big Game but would rather avoid crowded casinos or strange bars, awesome food and drink specials are just a short walk from your room at Tahiti Village. 17˚ South Booze & Bites, our onsite bar and bistro, is offering all-you-can-eat appetizers and all-you-can drink Bud and Bud Light draughts.

We have 10 widescreen screen televisions throughout the bar and restaurant. You won’t miss a minute of the action! No matter which team you’re rooting for, you’ll have a great time at 17˚ South Booze & Bites in the main lobby at Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ family friendly, tropical resort paradise.

Call 702.440.1717 to purchase advance tickets. Tickets will also be available at the door. Kickoff is 3:30 p.m., but be sure to arrive early to stake out a premium seat.

Remember, one of the biggest decisions you ever make arrives every year with the Big Game. Your thorough enjoyment of the event depends utterly on where you watch the game. Remember, you don’t have the benefit of replay. There are no do-overs. You have a once-in-a-calendar-year chance to get it right.

Get it wrong and, like a Russell Wilson goal-line INT to lose the biggest game of the year, your abysmal failure will haunt you the entire off-season and maybe the rest of your life. This is pressure.

So be sure to join us at 17˚ South Booze & Bites, where you’re sure to have an all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink great time. As always, may all your prop bets come through!

Plan a Las Vegas vacation in time for National Plan for Vacation Day!

Jan. 29, 2019, marks the first National Plan for Vacation Day, an idea that encourages Americans to plan their vacations early in the year and take them throughout the next 365 days. The Day is a leisure industry response to a curious trend that has seen Americans forego their vacation days, in many cases out of guilt, to work more often. In a nation of laborers who wear their work ethic like a badge of honor, vacations are well deserved but not often taken.

national vacation day project time offGet this:

Did you know 662 million vacation days went unused by American workers last year?

Were you aware approximately 55 percent of Americans do not use their vacation time in a given year?

Can you believe 60 percent of millennials and 40 percent of people 35 and older actually feel guilty for using their vacation time?

Don’t be a statistic.

Plan a vacation at Tahiti Village in Las Vegas by Jan. 29, 2019, and you’ll receive 15 percent off your stay.* Our guests enjoy spacious, condo-style accommodations with wonderful amenities and numerous onsite attractions, including a relaxing lazy river, sand-entry beach pool and two 24-hour hot tubs!

Plan a visit today to Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ family friendly, tropical resort retreat!

To receive your 15 percent off stay, please click on the above plan a visit link, scroll to the bottom and enter Discount Code NPV19 in the dropdown.

*Minimum two-night stay required. Check availability.

Discover another side to Vegas: the Arts District!

As a frequent visitor to Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ family-friendly, tropical resort retreat, you are well acquainted with the fabulous Strip, the Fremont Street Experience, five-star restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs, world class shopping and nonstop entertainment.

While these enticing attractions understandably keep you coming back year after year, there is another side to Las Vegas worth getting to know – a side where indie galleries, bars, restaurants, performance spaces and shops (both boutique and antique) coexist in clusters, strewn over an 18-block landscape nestled between the Strip and downtown.

Called the Las Vegas Arts District (and alternately 18b in reference to its 18 blocks), it is bordered on four sides by Casino Center, Main Street, Western Avenue and Bonneville. Outlined on a map the road contours form a misshapen square, as if pulled in different directions by a hyperactive kiddo on a Ritalin lapse. Charleston bisects the district nearly in half, creating split entities that are in fact blood kin, born of a desire to create immersive, personalized experiences that reject the sterile, big box-fast food culture endemic to the suburbs.

The best way to inhabit the Las Vegas Arts District is on foot. Walking allows you to soak in the urban vibe (and inhale the exhaust fumes from passing vehicles), browse the inviting shops at your leisure, and sate your thirst or appetite at one of the bars, brewpubs and restaurants dotting the redeveloped Main Street and the surrounding area.



Art galleries are everywhere in the Las Vegas Arts District. Odd, quirky and classical works in all mediums are available for purchase and will help their creators, many of them living on the margins, make more.


You can’t stroll down Main Street in the Arts District without encountering an antiques store. You never know what mid-century treasure or Vegas casino artifact you’ll find among the rows and rows of ephemera once belonging to now-wrinkled antiques themselves.



Cooking is an art. Eating is a pleasure. In the Las Vegas Arts District, you’ll enjoy a variety of ethnic cuisines and creative culinary creations befitting the sensibilities of the area.


Mingo Kitchen


D E Thai Kitchen

Esther’s Kitchen

Cornish Pasty Co.


In the Las Vegas Arts District, it’s all about the accoutrements of alcohol consumption. Best exemplifying this ethos is ReBar, a combination cocktail lounge-antiques shop where everything in the place is for sale. Leave the soulless gaming bars to the hypnotized button pushers on the outskirts. Here, it’s all about creative cocktailing and communing with likeminded imbibers.



Velveteen Rabbit


Mingo Kitchen & Lounge


Visitors with sophisticated beer palates can rejoice in the knowledge that there is not one, not two, but three craft beer establishments in the Arts District (with a fourth on the way!).

Hop Nuts Brewing

Nevada Taste Site

Three Sheets


What’s an arts district without a couple of cafes? Get your caffeine fix here and here.


Challenging and provocative productions compulsively performed by the players of the Cockroach Theatre and Majestic Repertory Theatre companies are always worth the affordable admission price.


The cultural hub of the Las Vegas Arts District, consisting of the Arts Factory, Art Square, Union House and 1st & Main, Downtown Las Vegas Arts describes itself as “the geographic and creative center of the 18b Las Vegas Arts District where artists represent a broad range of contemporary and traditional styles, media, and interests. In addition to our commercial activities, our creative community provides an artistic lifeline and facility for many educational functions, events, and community group meetings. We also provide a unique cultural venue for musical concerts, poetry readings, and live theatrical performances. Our portion of the Arts District also includes new developments on 1st & Main Street and the old Mission Linen Building.”



It isn’t hyperbole to say the Las Vegas Arts District owes its existence, in part, to First Friday. Founded in 2002 by Cindy Funkhouser, First Friday began as an informal collective of artists selling their wares outside The Funk House, Cindy’s antiques and collectibles store at the intersection of Casino Center and Colorado Avenue, a hard-scrabble area near Charleston and Main Street.

Musicians and food vendors were also part of the equation that began attracting locals to a part of town that, for most, was an area better driven through on the way to somewhere else. The event quickly achieved must-attend status and, in the ensuing years, has fanned out from its little corner and seeped into the entire district.

As you may imagine, First Friday is the most lucrative night of the month for the area’s restaurants, shops and galleries, many of which take in more profit on this one night than they do the rest of the month. If a portion of your Vegas visit in the coming year lands on a first Friday of the month, it is worth your time to attend and see another side of the city that goes mostly unnoticed by tourists.



The Burlesque Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit museum with a mission to preserve, celebrate, and inspire the art of burlesque.

Ninja Karaoke

Six thousand square feet devoted to private karaoke rooms, bar and lounge space, and an outdoor patio.

Treehouse Las Vegas

When it opens in its nearly 12,000-square foot space on Main Street, the two-story Treehouse Las Vegas will have a small speakeasy near the front entrance, a main 300-seat dining room with a DJ booth, another bar to the rear of the first floor and a separate video poker lounge.

Upstairs will be open to the floor below and include more dining space and another small lounge and bar area. The ground floor pool will also act as a day club, surrounded by cabanas and trees.


The entire area puts to rest the notion of Las Vegas as a cultural wasteland. You just have to know where to find the goods.

Beginner’s Guide to the Consumer Electronics Show


Welcome to 2019.

Here in Las Vegas, the new year heralds the arrival of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the city’s largest convention. Beginning January 8, more than 150,000 attendees will gather here to get a look at – and salivate over – the latest gadgets, gizmos and technologies their makers hope will change the world.

If you’ve never attended this four-day techno fantasia, a showcase for nearly 4,000 companies displaying breakthrough technologies on more than 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space across 11 venues, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it all, to be swept away on a tsunami of sensory overload.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, we scoured the internet for a best practices list for CES neophytes to follow. To be sure, we found page after page of seasoned pros proffering helpful tips to impressionable newbies, but it was an article from a 2018 newbie himself, Truong Nguyen, that proved to have just the right amount of practical suggestions and deft insight.

We present it here at the Tahiti Village blog for your enlightenment and edification.

Here are some tips I learned from my first trip to CES 2018. I hope it helps the planning process for first-time attendees.

  1. Arrive the day before the show starts and leave the day before it ends. This helps in avoiding crowds at the airport. Scope out the layout of the show floor and how to get places. The majority of the time you’ll be walking through casinos. Even for those with a great sense of direction, it’s challenging to navigate inside with rows after rows of slot machines. During rush hour, which really is 8 a.m. all the way to 5 p.m., you’re likely to move with the flow of the crowd. It’s easy to end up at the wrong place.
  2. Learn about the Monorail routes and book a hotel that has a stop. I found it to be the most convenient and affordable way to get around. Being located at either end of the Monorail can be an advantage. The majority of people get on and off at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the other stops in the middle of the Strip. The endpoints have less traffic.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and travel light. There will be a lot of walking (several miles a day!) no matter how close your hotel is to the Convention Center. Events take place all over the Strip.
  4. Have a clear idea of what categories of products or list of companies you’d like to visit. Roaming the show floor to find cool/new products is a bad idea. I planned to visit only a handful of companies that had external graphics enclosures on display. AKiTiO was at a suite inside Bellagio. AORUS had a ballroom at Caesars Palace. ASUS hosted its products at the WYNN Hotel. Razer and Mantiz were the only two at the Las Vegas Convention Center. These five main stops essentially covered the entire length of the Strip.
  5. Last but not least, drink plenty of water. Also carry hand sanitizer and use it often.

Have a great time!

Nobody does New Year’s Eve like Las Vegas and Tahiti Village!

New Year’s Eve in a place like Las Vegas would seem almost beside the point if the city itself weren’t a testament to excess. Not enough neon? Hey, let’s set off some sky explosion! Like July 4th, New Year’s Eve brings out our redundant, over-the-top best, with a spectacular fireworks display closing the curtain on another year.

So how do you distinguish New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas from any other night? Not easily. We are a city for which New Year’s revelry is a daily occurrence in spirit if not fact, so in order to meet the expectations of 300,000 or so visitors hoping for an even greater adrenaline rush, we are obligated to up our game – if that’s possible.

Well guess what? It is! There are an abundance of New Year’s Eve festivities in Las Vegas, highlighted by an eight-minute midnight fireworks display above the Strip that is being touted as the largest anywhere in the country. If you’re staying at Tahiti Village over the holiday and looking for something to do on NYE, we invite you to attend our annual New Year’s Eve party.

We’re ringing in 2019 with a Rat Pack-themed celebration that evokes the classic days of Las Vegas when Frank, Dean and Sammy ruled the Strip like royalty. Join us Dec. 31 in our Sky View lounge for a wonderful New Year’s Eve bash featuring Rat Pack-style cocktails, music and decorations and a spectacular view of the midnight fireworks. We’ll also have enticing hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, dancing, a photo booth and party favors. One lucky guest will go home with a bottle of Sinatra Select Whiskey from Jack Daniel’s.

Our Sky View lounge, on the 10th floor of Tower 5, offers a magnificent, unimpeded view of the fireworks display from the Strip, which this year is touted as the nation’s largest. You’ll enjoy a complimentary champagne toast at midnight as we ring in 2019. The Tahiti Village New Year’s Eve party is one of the best bargains in Las Vegas, with tickets priced at $105 in advance and $125 at the door. To purchase, please see the concierge in the main lobby or call (702) 440-6915. We hope to see you here and wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2019!

Top Holiday Attractions in Las Vegas

As if the spectacular everyday attractions of Las Vegas aren’t enticing enough, along comes December and the city’s famed holiday offerings, giving you even more reasons to visit the entertainment capital of the world. With stimulating imagery (would you expect anything less?) and fun for the whole family, the holiday season brings Las Vegas to life in an entirely different way. If you are an adventurous Tahiti Village visitor who is willing to leave your Strip comfort zone, Las Vegas has wondrous holiday attractions throughout the city that should be on your must-see list.

Ethel M Chocolates Holiday Cactus Garden

Located in suburban Henderson, about 10 miles east of the Strip, Ethel M Chocolates Holiday Cactus Garden is one of Las Vegas’ favorite holiday attractions. The three-acre Botanical Cactus Garden, adjacent to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, is a sight to behold during the holiday season and features more than one million lights. Open through January 1, 2018, the annual event is free to attend. Visit us on select nights for choir performances in the garden and photos with Santa!


The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Each season, the enormously talented horticulturalists and designers who make up the Bellagio Conservatory team transform this 14,000-square-foot floral playground into a holiday showcase of the distinctive sights and colors. The holiday seasonal exhibit, titled “Majestic Holiday Magic,” features the return of Queen Bellisima, and will take guests on a journey into her enchanted icy kingdom. The south bed houses the queen’s favorite family of Polar bears, playing and welcoming guests as they walk enter the Conservatory. Towering at a height of 30’, the north bed features the queen’s castle, guarded by her majestic rotating soldiers. Lastly, the west bed holds the main attraction for this year. The holiday tree is a sight to behold, standing 42’ in height and 18’ in diameter, and is adorned with many beautiful ornaments. Next to the tree stands Queen Bellisima herself, wearing her holiday best. The queen is ready for the holiday season, and is excited to welcome guests into her enchanted kingdom through Jan. 6.


The Magical Forest at Opportunity Village

Celebrate the holidays with a cherished Southern Nevada tradition – the Magical Forest at Opportunity Village! The Magical Forest, approximately five miles west of the Strip, is filled with sparkling lights, nightly entertainment, great food and endless holiday cheer. Every year through Dec. 31 the grounds are transformed into a winter wonderland, featuring hundreds of trees lit with millions of bright LED lights and fun activities. Don’t miss it!


Ice Rink at the Cosmopolitan

Lace up your skates and enjoy the invigorating December weather at the Cosmopolitan’s outdoor ice skating rink through January 10, 2018. You’ll find fire pits, plenty of places to sit, and a menu of warm cocktails, comfort foods and hot chocolate. Snow showers fall every 30 minutes to complement the wintry holiday atmosphere. which also has a great view of the Las Vegas Strip. Admission ranges from $10-$20 and includes all-day skating access and skate rentals.


Holiday at the Park

During the holidays The Park transforms into Holiday at The Park, featuring ice skating, strolling carolers and holiday shops. The Park is a new area on the Las Vegas Strip that’s been created in the space around the new T-Mobile Arena, Park MGM, and New York-New York. For the holidays, The Park is decked out in dazzling lights and festive ornaments and features an 80-foot Christmas tree. Holiday at The Park is open daily until Jan. 7. Admission is free.

Mystic Falls Park Light and Water Show

Every year Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, approximately 12 miles east of the Strip on Boulder Highway, transforms its pioneer-themed Mystic Falls Park Light and Water Show into a Winter Wonderland experience. The holiday display gives visitors a peek inside Santa’s workshop, where the elves are busy making toys and loading the sleigh. A nine-minute holiday laser light show features classic holiday tunes and runs daily every hour from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Cowboy Santa will be in the Park’s gazebo on Thursdays and Fridays from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on weekends from noon to 8:30 p.m. through Friday, December 23, 2017.


Downtown Countdown

The Downtown Countdown fills Fremont Street with music and entertainment beginning in the early afternoon on New Year’s Eve and continuing into the wee hours.


New Year’s Eve on the Strip

Each year more than 300,000 people gather on the Las Vegas Strip to celebrate the new year with a massive block party that culminates in a spectacular midnight fireworks display set off of the top of casinos up and down the Strip. Be sure to arrive early for the best vantage point. Streets close around 6 p.m., so be sure to plan ahead for transportation.


Spend a Rat Pack-style New Year’s Eve at Tahiti Village!

We’re ringing in 2019 at Tahiti Village, with a Rat Pack-themed celebration that evokes the classic days of Las Vegas when Frank, Dean and Sammy ruled the Strip like royalty. Join us Dec. 31 in our Sky View lounge for a wonderful New Year’s Eve bash featuring Rat Pack-style cocktails, music and decorations and a spectacular view of the midnight fireworks. We’ll also have enticing hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, dancing, a photo booth and party favors. One lucky guest will go home with a bottle of Sinatra Select Whiskey from Jack Daniel’s.

Our Sky View lounge, on the 10th floor of Tower 5, offers a magnificent, unimpeded view of the fireworks display from the Strip, which this year is touted as the nation’s largest. You’ll enjoy a complimentary champagne toast at midnight as the spectacular, eight-minute fireworks show lights up the night sky. The Tahiti Village New Year’s Eve party is one of the best bargains in Las Vegas, with tickets priced at $105 in advance and $125 at the door. To purchase, please see the concierge in the main lobby. We hope to see you here and wish you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2019! Tahiti Village is Las Vegas’ tropical, family-friendly resort.

Book a visit today!

Meet rodeo star Luke Brown next Saturday at Tahiti Village!

Meet rodeo cowboy Luke Brown at Tahiti Village from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8th. He’ll be signing autographs, posing for pictures, handing out prizes, and performing a roping demonstration. Luke competes in team roping on the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo circuit, and will be in Las Vegas for the NFR’s annual December visit.

Luke has nearly $2 million in Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association career earnings and place fourth in the 2017 world standings. So far in 2018 Luke and his partner Jake Long have won three titles: the World’s Oldest Rodeo in Prescott, Ariz., the Caldwell Night Rodeo in Idaho, and the Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Luke Brown at Manihi Isle, conveniently located between the pool and lazy river. We hope to see you here!

The most family friendly shows in Las Vegas

One of the natural byproducts of Las Vegas’ evolution from an adult playground to a family destination has been the advent of shows both children and their parents can enjoy. The Cirque du spectaculars, magic acts and miscellaneous G-rated fare that began appearing in the early `90s, cautiously at first, are now ubiquitous, rendering the previously prolific indigenous species – the Las Vegas showgirl – all but extinct.

So now you’ve decided to bring the kids with you to Las Vegas. You want to see a show with them but don’t want to worry about the sudden unexpected appearance of a leftover Lido lady flashing a body part best left covered.  Guess what? We’ve got you covered.

From an embarrassment of riches we’ve pared down the kid-friendliest shows in Las Vegas to help you make the best possible choice. Read on!

Popovich Pet Comedy Theater
Planet Hollywood

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater features dogs and cats (plus doves and other small critters – more than 30 animals in all) acting out skits such as passengers boarding a train, students sitting in a classroom or patients waiting for a doctor.

A graduate of the Moscow Circus School and a fifth-generation circus performer, Popovich juggles, jumps rope and performs a host of other big top-style tricks. He has rescued these animals from shelters all over the country and has transformed them into Las Vegas stars.

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater is a must-see for young animal lovers.

Terry Fator
The Mirage

As a successful headliner on the Las Vegas Strip, Terry Fator captures the hearts and funny bones of audiences from around the world. Backed by actual live musicians, Fator wows audiences nightly with singing, comedy and unparalleled celebrity impressions. The America‘s Got Talent winner brings to life a hilarious range of characters, including Winston, the impersonating turtle; Emma Taylor, the little girl with the big voice; and lounge singer Monty Carlo. With comedic banter and amazing vocal impressions of musical superstars such as Garth Brooks, Dean Martin, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga and more, Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Tournament of Kings

When you arrive at this dinner show inside the castle-shaped Excalibur, you’ll be seated in sections that represent a “country.” Throughout the production, Merlin and a court jester will urge you to cheer for your native knight as he takes on rivals from other lands in challenges like jousting, sword fighting, racing and gladiator combat.

The evil Mordred tries to capture King Arthur’s kingdom, but the countries unite to fight against him.

At Tournament of Kings, you’ll eat Cornish hen, steamed veggies and biscuits, with sweet pastry for dessert. Just like lords and ladies did in the Middle Ages, you’ll have to eat with your hands. But it’s okay to slurp your first course, “dragon’s blood” (tomato soup). Juice and soda will be served, along with grown-up drinks.

Blue Man Group

This show takes on big issues like brain function, groupthink and artificial intelligence, but the three silent stars, dressed in black and earless in alien blue, are childlike in their naivete and curiosity.

The characters stuff their mouths full of marshmallows, play with giant iPhones and crawl over the theater seats rooting through guests’ belongings. At the end of the production, enormous beach balls float through the theater, and audience members can’t help but punch and shove them in slow motion.

This show is noticeably loud. It’s full of dance-worthy original music (including a finale with lyrics that rattle off silly nicknames for your butt) featuring Blue Man Group’s signature invented instruments.

Treasure Island

If you’re looking to take in a high-end show with the whole family, think about Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère, the granddaddy of all Las Vegas family shows. Now in its 26th year, the show delivers the thrill of the circus and features amazing acts that will dazzle and delight kids of all ages.

Among the acts is a two-man tandem that strikes gravity-defying poses in a hand-to-hand balancing routine, an aerialist who twists and turns to create optical illusions with two suspended lengths of fabric, and a group of gymnasts who flip and climb around four vertical poles.

This show has no age restriction, but may not be ideal for children who don’t like clowns. One who acts as an usher rounds out Mystère with good humor, and colorful, imaginative costumes add to the rainbow of spectacle in this classic Las Vegas spectacular.

MGM Grand

Adults got to know this team of masked performers when it won the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew. With a new show based on color and light, Jabbawockeez is set to draw in a new crowd of fans.

Teens who love music with a good beat will get into this production, but younger kids will love the dancers’ pantomimed storytelling set to popular and original music and framed in bright primary colors.

Though there are funny segments meant to make grownups laugh, most of show is about two characters – one dressed in black and one in white – discovering balance and friendship by exploring the color spectrum.

Jeff Civillico
Paris in Las Vegas

Jeff Civillico’s intractable enthusiasm endears him to children 8 to 80. A master juggler with a gift for comedy, he eagerly welcomes kids’ participation in his acts and is always ready with a one-liner to keep their folks laughing.

Civillico’s “Comedy in Action” show never stops moving. Children (and grownups with childlike senses of humor) will fall head over heels for his zany persona and laugh out loud when he pulls out signature moves like his high side kick and dramatic wedgie removal.

Summer Sunday Luau
Tahiti Village

Can you blame us for including our own show? Our popular Summer Sunday Luau runs from May to Labor Day weekend and offers authentic Polynesian-style food and great entertainment for the entire family every Sunday evening at Tahiti Village all summer long.