Tahiti Village is now on Twitter

We consider it a priority to bring you all the latest news and information on your home resort. Over the years we have employed various communication portals to deliver content, from newsletters to email blasts to blog posts like this one.

To satisfy numerous requests for immediate information, we are now on Twitter. Instantaneous news and updates on your favorite vacation resort are available in easily digestible bytes at @TahitiVillage. There you will meet (and we hope get to know) our Twitter team, an enthusiastic group of social media consumers who will keep you updated on all things Tahiti Village (in 140 characters or less). We hope you will follow us on Twitter as we continually work to enhance your vacation ownership experience.

Speaking of enhancing your vacation ownership experience, if you would like to follow your home resort on Twitter, you may also wish to follow RCI, through which you can exchange your points for vacations worldwide. They will keep you apprised of vacation exchanges, other destination opportunities, travel trends and more at @RCI_Timeshare

We are committed to keeping you up to speed on your resort and the opportunities your vacation ownership has to offer through the most relevant channels.


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Tahiti Village and RCI: Our exciting new exchange affiliation offers you more resort choices

Tahiti Village is proud to announce our new affiliation with the world’s largest vacation exchange system, RCI. The Board of Directors has pursued this new affiliation in order to provide our members with more than 4,000 additional exchange resorts worldwide, including Disney, Hilton and Wyndham.

RCI provides innovative ways to utilize your vacation ownership, allowing you to travel when and where you want and enhance your overall experience. If you have a current exchange reservation through Interval International, it will be honored by the exchange resort and Interval International. If you have deposited your week with Interval and would like to exchange it, you will still be able to exchange the week as long as you are a member of Interval at the time of the exchange. You will be receiving more information regarding the new RCI exchange programs in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!