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We’re here to remember an eventful 2013 at Village.

Are you among those people for whom the end of the year signals a need to reflexively pause and ruminate on the previous 364 days? We are too, despite warnings from leading health professionals about the dangers of compulsive pausing and ruminating.

We’d kick the habit if we we could, but like kind old ladies who take in stray cats and those poor folks who can’t part with 20-year-old McDonald’s wrappers, we just can’t help ourselves. We can’t stop remembering! There are simply too many great things to relive from the year that was here at Tahiti Village. Besides, we couldn’t even if we wanted to. This morning when we opened our email we found the following message:

“Do a blog post on everything that happened here in 2013.”  

Boss tells you to retrieve and share data from your stored bank of memories, you do it. In previous years the only question would be in which direction we would remember: from December backwards to January or January forward to December. The downside to both was the delusion that your memory had more gigabytes than it actually did. In reality it just couldn’t be trusted to recall every odd factoid from March or exciting new vending machine addition (Pepe’s Pork Rinds, anyone?) from June. That’s why this year we wrote it all down.

So here for your edification and enjoyment, without further delay and in no particular order, is a handy-dandy summary of events and occurrences (plus one or two statistical bonbons) from 2013. Let the bullet points fly!

  • In late November we doubled our social media presence with the launch of the Tahiti Village Facebook page. If you haven’t already, please visit our site and Like us. And don’t forget, we’re also on Twitter. Be sure to Follow us and receive information on your home resort 140 characters at a time.
  • It’s one thing to say our aquatic attractions and resort activities are popular. It’s another to support the claim with raw statistics. In 2013 we actually took a head count and came up with the following set of  numbers: Nearly 20,000 people (19,689 to be exact) participated in a property-planned activity, 225,909 swam in the main pool and 123,336 floated around the Lazy River. The more the merrier indeed.
  • Towers 1 and 2 were the objects of several improvement projects during the year. Units received new carpet, 42-inch HDTVs, armoires and new stackable washer-dryers, which replaced the all-in-ones. Finally, dryers that dry!
  • Did you know the Tahiti Village housekeeping department cleaned and released 3,804 rooms ahead of schedule? Talk about elbow grease.
  • Our annual Easter egg hunt drew a large contingent of kids and their parents to the Island Courtyard for a day of fun and games. How many attended? We’re not eggxactly sure.
  • Lu-Wow! Our 13 weekly summer luaus drew a total of 3,362 attendees, or roughly 258 per luau. That’s a lot of kalua pork!
  • And speaking of the luau, we changed its traditional day and location from Saturday poolside to Sunday inside the new Island Courtyard. We made the switch to give the most people the best opportunity to attend.
  • We won the TripAdvisor Award of Excellence for a second straight year. Yay!
  • We earned another Interval International Premier Award. Yay!
  • We maintained our standing as an RCI Gold Crown Resort property. Yay!
  • In response to numerous requests, we added a Saturday morning grocery run to accommodate owners arriving after the last supermarket shuttle Friday morning. Who knows what’s in store next.
  • Lots of people went lots of places on our shuttle busses this past year. We transported 8,854 to the Fremont Street Experience, 5,253 to the grocery store, 2,892 to Red Rock Canyon and 1,768 to Town Square.
  • Summer Saturdays got a lot livelier with the debut of our pool party hosted by DJ Brit Lee. In addition to spinning all the hits, Lee presided over poolside activities such as the hula hoop contest, water volleyball tournament and not-for-money bingo. You won’t believe how much fun you can have on a Saturday afternoon in Vegas.
  • In June we installed motorized chair lifts next to each body of water on property. They give our owners and guests with disabilities equal access to the pool, Lazy River and hot tubs. They are permanently affixed to the deck at the edge of each aquatic attraction.
  • Two of our favorite guests, NHRA drag racer Terry McMillen (he of the fast car) and psychic Gary Spivey (he of the big hair), paid their annual visits to Tahiti Village. Will Gary be here in 2014? Only he knows for sure.
  • In the fall movie nights went year-round when we began screening films 6 p.m. Saturdays in Tower 5. They will continue in that location until summer, when we resume our Wednesday Dive-In Movie night at the main pool and Saturday night movie at the Island Courtyard.
  • A costumed crowd attended our first Oktoberfeast and Festival to celebrate the Halloween season. Games, delicious food truck offerings, and costume and pumpkin pie eating contests awaited attendees inside the Island Courtyard.    
  • Here’s what we wrote this past summer in our newsletter about the arrival of new vending machines: We are happy to announce our new partnership with First Class Vending. In our quest to give you the best of everything, we felt an affiliation with a world-renowned snack dispenser was only fitting. The company consistently replenishes inventory with all your favorites, but is also on the cutting edge of product delivery. Each First Class Vending machine is equipped with infrared technology that detects whether the vended product has dropped. How many times have you stuck money in a vending machine, punched the button and then watched in horror as your Funyuns hung teasingly by a bag edge over the drop zone? Those days are over. You can find our new vending machines, 40 in all, on each floor except the 10th in Tower 5. 


And with that we come to the end of our reminiscence on the year 2013. We’re all out of bullet points, and we’re ready to take a break until January 1st, when we’ll begin our survey of all the 2014 events, occurrences and oddities we will look back on this time next year. We wish you all a great new year and look forward to seeing you soon.





Featured Tahiti Village Resort

Not only does Tahiti Village go cyber! The Village is giving away a free night exclusively to Owners!

Say what? Yes, you got it right! Tahiti Village is giving you a free night, but to receive it you have to be social with the locals on Twitter and Facebook.

We are calling on all owners to be social by Following the Tahiti Village Twitter account (www.twitter.com/tahitivillage) and/or Liking the Tahiti Village Facebook account (www.facebook.com/tahitivillage). In doing this you will receive exclusive information on how to get your free night!

Get a free extra night at Tahiti Village!

Early today, our Cyber Monday promo went out through these two social media platforms containing the hashtag code for you to call in with when making your reservation. It’s so easy you would be missing out if you didn’t get the 411. But the only way you would have known the gates were open to call in is if you saw it on your Twitter or Facebook feed. Way to be social!

Here’s the deal: If you book three nights you get a fourth night free; book four nights get a fifth night free; book a full week and get the eighth night free. It’s practically a Thanksavings! Don’t miss out on this “extra” special promotion.

Things heat up at our fire extinguisher training program

We take our responsibility for resort safety as seriously as our commitment to great customer service, housekeeping and maintenance. That’s why all our employees participate in an annual fire extinguisher training program. Mandated by OSHA, the program instructs new employees in the proper use of portable fire extinguishers. It also shows them which type of extinguisher is appropriate for the four different classes of fire.

Security officer Catherine Haraburdo, right, douses a flame at our fire extinguisher training class.

“The fire extinguisher training program is a way for our employees to be prepared in the event of a fire and have the confidence to respond accordingly,” said Rich Ingling, corporate director of safety and security.

SimplexGrinnell, a fire prevention company, leads the training, providing tutelage in pin pulling, aiming, squeezing and sweeping. Following 30 minutes in the classroom, employees go outside and practice what they’ve learned on a flame-emitting fire training system. (It resembles a stainless steel grill.)

“If I had to use one phrase to describe their performance, I’d say they knocked it out of the ballpark,” said Jecoa Keller, the lead instructor. “They did a stellar job.”

Featured Tahiti Village Resort

Tahiti Village wins TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence

Earning our first TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence last year was an achievement we worked diligently to repeat. We are happy to report that all the hard work has paid off once again. We have been honored this year with our second consecutive Certificate of Excellence from the online travel agency for earning a customer satisfaction rating of 4 (out of 5). The award is given only to the most exceptional performers and top ratings earners in TripAdvisor’s global business community.

“It is a great feeling to win back-to-back certificates,” said Richard Rodriguez, Soleil Management president. “It lets us know we are meeting the high standards we set for ourselves and consistently providing excellent customer service. We will work hard to win another one next year.”


Tahiti Village is now on Twitter

We consider it a priority to bring you all the latest news and information on your home resort. Over the years we have employed various communication portals to deliver content, from newsletters to email blasts to blog posts like this one.

To satisfy numerous requests for immediate information, we are now on Twitter. Instantaneous news and updates on your favorite vacation resort are available in easily digestible bytes at @TahitiVillage. There you will meet (and we hope get to know) our Twitter team, an enthusiastic group of social media consumers who will keep you updated on all things Tahiti Village (in 140 characters or less). We hope you will follow us on Twitter as we continually work to enhance your vacation ownership experience.

Speaking of enhancing your vacation ownership experience, if you would like to follow your home resort on Twitter, you may also wish to follow RCI, through which you can exchange your points for vacations worldwide. They will keep you apprised of vacation exchanges, other destination opportunities, travel trends and more at @RCI_Timeshare

We are committed to keeping you up to speed on your resort and the opportunities your vacation ownership has to offer through the most relevant channels.


Tahiti Village
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Featured Tahiti Village Resort

Tahiti Village and RCI: Our exciting new exchange affiliation offers you more resort choices

Tahiti Village is proud to announce our new affiliation with the world’s largest vacation exchange system, RCI. The Board of Directors has pursued this new affiliation in order to provide our members with more than 4,000 additional exchange resorts worldwide, including Disney, Hilton and Wyndham.

RCI provides innovative ways to utilize your vacation ownership, allowing you to travel when and where you want and enhance your overall experience. If you have a current exchange reservation through Interval International, it will be honored by the exchange resort and Interval International. If you have deposited your week with Interval and would like to exchange it, you will still be able to exchange the week as long as you are a member of Interval at the time of the exchange. You will be receiving more information regarding the new RCI exchange programs in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!