Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip View

As your vacation draws to a close, you pack your suitcase, say farewell to the glittering lights of the Strip and head back home. Along with your luggage, you are likely also carrying back with you some fond memories of the desert city. After an unforgettable vacation it’s only natural you may be thinking about making your next stay in Vegas a more permanent one. Here are just a few of the benefits you may enjoy by living in Las Vegas.


As an occasional visitor you are likely already familiar with one of the best features of living in Las Vegas—the entertainment. As a resident you could be reveling in your favorite Vegas activities anytime you want, whether that means playing the odds at the casinos, partying the night away at the clubs or enjoying one of the many unparalleled shows offered year round.


If you are a foodie at heart, you will love having access to some of the finest and most diverse restaurant choices in the world. From the whimsical Le Cirque, a French restaurant housed in the Bellagio, to the elegant and fashionable Sage, where Chef Shawn McClain serves up a seasonal menu of creative American fare, there is no end to the delicious experiences waiting for you.

The Weather

Vegas enjoys an abundance of sunny days, averaging about 292 a year. Even during the winter, the temperature generally reaches close to 60 degrees, allowing you to easily continue your favorite outdoor activity in any season. Since there are some great national parks nearby, you can use some of those sunny days to go boating on Lake Mead, rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon or hiking in Zion National Park.

No State Income Tax

What more can be said? Since the state’s treasury is in large part funded by taxes and fees garnered from the gaming industry, Nevada residents get to pass on paying state income tax. Add in a cost of living that is quite reasonable, especially when compared to other major cities across the country, and Las Vegas starts to look not only exciting, but also affordable!

If all the fun memories you have enjoyed in Las Vegas have you thinking about packing up and making a permanent move, these are just a few of the reasons why the Entertainment Capital of the World is also a great place to make your home.