Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas

Grilling at Tahiti Village just got a whole lot easier with the opening of our new barbecue area. Located on a plot of vacant land behind the Lazy River, the new 10,000-square foot barbecue area has 13 stainless steel grills, increasing the number on property from five to 18. Their addition will greatly accelerate your steak to grill time during peak barbecuing hours. The pavilion will also include numerous new tables (umbrellas to come!) and chairs where you can sit and enjoy your meal.

A beautiful gathering spot
Four of our 13 new grills

The new barbecue area is part of a larger expansion that includes an elevated stage for planned musical events and a proposed new adult-only hot tub. The new spa will have seating for 17, about double that of the original hot tub off the main pool. It will hold approximately 4,500 gallons and have two sloped entrances, with tiki torches on either side of a rock waterfall that flows directly into the spa. The hot tub is currently under construction and expected to open within the next 60 days. “We think this will greatly enhance the vacation experience of our owners,” said Mike Rounds, Tahiti Village general manager.

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