In our ongoing effort to ensure we provide equal accessibility to people with disabilities, we have installed ADA chair lifts by each body of water on property. The four battery-powered seats, one each for the pool, Lazy River and two hot tubs, were installed earlier this summer. They are permanently affixed to the deck at the edge of each aquatic attraction.

Chair lift at family hot tub

Each lift has a remote attached to the arm of the chair with two mechanisms, a side arrow button and a down arrow button. The side arrow button swings the chair over the edge of the pool once a guest is seated comfortably and safely strapped in. The down arrow button lowers the guest into the water.

“One of our responsibilities as a resort is to ensure its accessibility for everyone,” said Mike Rounds, Tahiti Village general manager. “The installation of chair lifts is another in a series of projects we have completed to enhance the vacation experience and provide a welcoming environment for all our guests.”