Couple enjoying taking pictures after their wedding.

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting experiences, overshadowed only by the wedding day itself. Concocting a unique celebration can help your wedding reflect the personalities of you and your soon-to-be spouse. While traditional weddings will always hold a special place in our hearts, it’s fun to explore the seasonal wedding trends and 2018 will not disappoint. From interactive invitations to creative ceremony setups, this season is full of fun and funky trends to inspire new brides.

Take a look at some of our favorite wedding trends to prepare ahead of time for your Spring 2018 wedding:

Intricate Invites

“Wow” your guests from the start with creative Save the Dates and invitations. In Spring 2018, anything goes. Think beyond the envelope when you’re brainstorming your invite ideas. This is a great time to hint at your theme, express your personality, have fun with it, and be creative! Some standouts for this season include plexiglass invites, invites with multiple pieces, and interactive invites (think glow in the dark and scratch-off).

Different versions of wedding invitations.

Outdoorsy Locations

In 2018 wedding trends, more brides will be opting for an al-fresco style celebration, whether that means having the ceremony or reception outside or bringing the outside indoors with flowers and foliage. Here are a few outdoorsy venues that will dominate this year’s wedding trends:

Barns or Ranches Barn and ranch weddings are the perfect settings for couples seeking that rustic feel. Legends Ranch in Vegas is the perfect example of how charming these country-style wedding venues can be.

The Desert The gorgeous landscape and prime weather of the desert make it a convenient and romantic spot to share your nuptials. The mild, predictable weather makes it easy to host the event outdoors. Check out Scenic Las Vegas Weddings for location options.

The Beach or Lake The popularity of beach weddings is nothing new. The cool breeze, the soft sand, the pure sunshine… It’s no wonder why this location is a forever favorite! Getting married by the water can be majestic. Lakeside Weddings in Las Vegas can make your waterfront wedding dreams come true with supportive staff and multiple location options.

A Garden What better place to get married than among the lush foliage of a garden? Garden venues, like RainbowGardens of Las Vegas, offer a sophisticated and naturally beautiful atmosphere.

An Adventurous Venue Another wedding location trend is hosting your wedding in a wild, unique destination, like amidst the beauty of Red Rock Canyon or aboard a helicopter. Flip the stuffy suit and tie wedding on its head with a ceremony both you and your guests are sure to remember!

Couple enjoying an outdoor wedding.

Games for Guests

From corn hole to giant Jenga, wedding games are becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason! Since guests traditionally sit during the ceremony, they want to be active and on the move at the reception. Fun games are also the perfect way to break the ice between guests and set a fun, casual atmosphere.

Corn-hole set for games at a wedding.

The Circular Aisle

Though traditional aisles will always be popular, couples are starting to experiment with isle shape as one of the newest wedding trends. A notable trend is the circular aisle. This shape gives each guest a close-up-and-personal view of the ceremony and ensures that everyone hears you say “I do”. The circular aisle also adds a nice visual to the wedding with the spiral effect, resulting in some amazing photos.

Circular setup for a wedding ceremony.

Backless Dresses

This elegant trend is perfect for the warm weather bride. The lower cut back adds a graceful, sensual touch to the look while still being comfortable. If you’re planning on hosting your celebration in Vegas, a backless dress is the perfect option for keeping you both cool and stylish. Check out Couture Bride in Las Vegas to find your perfect dress!

Bride in a backless wedding dress.

Photo Booths and Portrait/Caricature Stations

Another trend on the rise for your upcoming Spring wedding is the incorporation of photo booths and portrait stations. This trend is especially popular amongst guests because it simultaneously provides them with a personalized souvenir and gives them a fun activity to do with friends. Photo booths can be rented by the hour and are usually delivered by the rental company, making it a stress-free addition. Portrait or caricature stations are a more traditional approach and include an artist ready to create a work of art for guests!

New man and wife enjoying the photo booth at their wedding.

Interactive Foods

2018 weddings are straying from the idea that dinners have to be served seated and in a formal setting. Instead, couples are opting for more casual dining options including food trucks, family-style options, and fun display set-ups. In Vegas, a variety of food trucks can be rented at Roaming Hunger. Guests love to create their own concoctions, so you could include a pasta bar, make-your-own taco station, or ice cream sundae setup!

Newest trend, food truck at couple's wedding.

Desert Themes

Whether it’s the gorgeous watercolor landscape or the optimal temperatures, desert weddings are on the rise in 2018. We all know that cacti were trending in 2017 and that trend seems to have made desert destinations popular by association. No matter the reason, these hot and gorgeous weddings are on every soon-to-be-bride’s radar.

Bride posing for a photo at her desert themed wedding.

Though traditional weddings will always be their own kind of beautiful, there’s something exciting about trying out the latest trends. From interactive invitations to unconventional dining options to fun photo booths, it’s safe to say that this year’s trends challenge tradition and push boundaries. Your wedding day should be a reflection of both of your personalities and these 2018 wedding trends may help you achieve just that!