Our menu features an array of tempting new taste treats, including Kahlua pig and spring rolls!
Our updated menu features an array of tempting new taste treats, including Kahlua pig and spring rolls!

If you’re one of those people who respond like Pavlov’s dog to the inclusion of “housemade beer cheese sauce” and “smoked burnt rib ends” on a menu, you’re going to love the new selections at 17˚ South Booze & Bites, the stylish onsite bar and bistro at Tahiti Village.

As we prepare for our third anniversary this summer, we’ve updated our menu ahead of the big birthday celebration with enticing appetizers, satisfying burgers and sandwiches, and entrees that are sure to sound the dinner bell.

Open for goodness!
Open for goodness!

Wringing every ounce of inspiration from his years of crafting delectable culinary concoctions, our executive chef created an array of familiar favorites spiced with delicious twists.

Take our calamari. In its usual state of deep fried rings and still-attached tentacles, it is an appetizer staple on menus all over the country. Meh, right? But at 17˚ South, we zing your expectations with a kung pao kick!

Mac and cheese? Who doesn’t like mac and cheese? Except we do it dirty, with those aforementioned smoked burnt rib ends commingling delicious char with all that heavenly cheese.

And speaking of heavenly cheese, we can’t wait for you to try our wagyu sloppy joe nachos with – we repeat it here because we can’t say it enough – housemade beer cheese sauce! An extra tortilla chip for telling us what wagyu is without  a Google assist.

If all that goodness comes with too much guilt, you’ll be happy to know we have three salads to choose from: chopped, Caesar and mixed green.

If you can’t exist on lettuce alone, “let us” recommend a 17˚ South burger with smoked bacon and “fancy sauce.” Or a barbecue pork sandwich with Saigon-style pork. Or a sirloin steak sandwich with provolone cheese and horsey cream. Or a stack of specialty pizzas. Or a lineup of mouthwatering entrees that will have you coming back every night of your visit.

We look forward to satisfying all your culinary cravings!