17 south tap beer lineup offers new traditional faves

With a lineup of more than 20 to choose from, 17° South’s tap beer selection is sure to satisfy the taste “Buds” of all but the biggest craft beer snob. No matter what your persuasion, we’ve got you covered up and down the bar. Our “crafty” beer offerings, while not technically craft beers since they exceed the maximum yearly number of brewed barrels, have a kinship with them in spirit and approach to brewing experimentation.

So step up to the bar and enjoy a Dogfish Head or an Arrogant Bastard, a Shiner Bock or a Deschutes. If you’re reluctant to stray too far afield, we also have a fine selection of “new traditional” favorites, including Stella Artois, Sam Adams, Blue Moon and Fat Tire, the ever popular Guinness Stout, south of the border stalwarts Corona and Dos Equis, and of course American warhorses Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light and Coors Light.

For those of you who enjoy movie dialogue with beer references (we know you’re out there), don’t read anything into the inclusion of Heinken and Pabst Blue Ribbon on our beer menu. It’s just a coincidence, not a cleverly veiled reference to Dennis Hopper’s famous rejoinder in Blue Velvet. So, what kinda beer you like? Chances are you’ll find something to savor over a bite to eat or a game of video poker at 17° South Booze & Bites.