We didn’t intentionally set out to make your life more difficult when we created the 17° South Booze & Bites menu. Upon closer examination, however, it appears we did. At 17° South, our brand new bar and bistro, you’ll always have something great to eat. The hard part? Deciding from an array of tempting choices.

Immediately you’re confronted with tantalizing Starters, which include a quartet of traditional favorites (quesadilla, chicken wings, chicken tenders and shrimp cocktail) and a fun-to-eat newcomer (island lettuce cups). Let-tuce satisfy your cravings!

From the portion of the menu we call Bits & Bites comes more delicious offerings you can eat with your fingers (island style ribs, garlic fries, coconut shrimp skewers) or a fork (macaroni and cheese with pit roasted ham, 17° South crab cakes).

“The macaroni and cheese is awesome,” raved owner Carolyn Bove.

You want pizza? We got pizza – three Specialty Pizzas (three cheese, meat lovers, buffalo chicken) and a build-your-option that’ll drive you crazy with topping choices.

To show our appreciation for steers everywhere  we also created three Specialty Burgers: teriyaki, BLT and the 17° South burger. And while not technically an official Specialty Burger member, our eponymous Tahiti Burger is nevertheless infused with its own brand of Special Deliciousness.

Last but not least, under a category we call All Day, you’ll find a miscellany of salads (chopped mixed green, Asian chicken), sandwiches (club, grilled cheese and tomato, open face flat iron steak), a taste of Italy (spaghetti and meatballs) and an all-time British pub favorite (fish and chips).

We hope you’ll forgive us for all the delicious decisions.