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   Tahiti Village Pets Welcome
Did You Know?

Tahiti Village Owners and Guests Receive Discounts at A-V.I.P. Pet Resort!

  • Owners: 20%* Off
  • Guests: 10%* Off

    * - Owners must present Owners Card and Guest must present Current Reservation Confirmation to receive discount.
    Owner Benefit!
    VIP Owner Card
  • Bring Your Best Friend to Vegas!

    One of the considerations travelers face is what to do with that furry family member who can’t go on vacation with everyone else. We have a suggestion: bring him along. Because our resort isn’t equipped to accommodate the special needs of man’s best friend, we recently affiliated with A-V.I.P. Pet Resort as a service to our owners and guests who would rather stay home than leave their pet behind.

    Located less than a mile from Tahiti Village, A-V.I.P. Pet Resort offers state-of-the-art boarding for a day, week or longer. The climate-controlled facility has private suites, spacious exercise yards, roomy indoor and outdoor runs, and a convenient pickup and drop-off service.

    If you can’t bear the thought of being away from your beloved pet for more than a day, don’t worry. A-V.I.P. Pet Resort is just two minutes away from our resort and welcomes reunions anytime during business hours.

    Don’t miss out on a great time in Las Vegas because you can’t take your purring pal or barking buddy with you. Let A-V.I.P. Pet Resort remove the worry from your next vacation.

    For more information, please visit or call (702) 361-8900.

    How Close are We to Tahiti Village?
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    A-V.I.P. Pet Resort in Las Vegas

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